Crash Ads turns big trucks into big ads. We put billboards on the sides of semi-trailers. The ads turn heads and the truckers make money. We work with fleets and independent operators.

Information for Truckers and Fleet Operators

Signing Up

It's easy to sign up. Whether you're a fleet or independent operator we will work with you to register your trucks in our system and connect you to advertisers. Start by using the contact form below and we'll email or call you to get you started.

Getting Started

Once you're signed up we'll start to find advertisers who will place their ads on your trucks. You will get to review the ads before you agree to carry them so that your trucks never advertise anything you object to.

Once you agree to carry an ad on your truck the advertiser will pay to have your truck wrapped and we will schedule time with a local contractor to do the work. Your truck can be wrapped in your down time between shifts so you don't lose any time on the road.

Getting Paid

You will get a check each month for as long as the ad is on your vehicle and you are driving. Contract terms will vary but generally the more you drive the more you earn. You will need to provide a copy of your DOT driving logs as proof of your driving activity during the month.

Contact Us

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