Crash Ads turns big trucks into big ads. We put billboards on the sides of semi-trailers. The ads turn heads and the truckers make money. We work with fleets and independent operators.


Do the ads damage my truck?

NO, the ads will not damage your truck. In fact, they ad an extra layer of protection against the elements since you have a thick layer of vinyl or canvas wrapped around your vehicle.

Do I get to choose the ads?

We will work with you to ensure that the ads are attractive, appropriate, and meet with your approval. You will have the final say on whether an ad goes on your truck. You are never required to carry an ad you don't approve of.

How do I get paid?

You will get a check each month for as long as the ad is on your vehicle and you are driving. Contract terms will vary but generally the more you drive the more you earn.


How much does this cost?

Just like other ad space the cost of truck space varies. The price is determined by the surface area of the truck, route and miles driven, and other factors.

How are the ads put on the trucks?

Trucks are either wrapped in a durable, full color vinyl coating or have a full color canvas sheeting pulled tight over the sides of the truck. The canvas sheeting is less expensive but is not available on all trucks.

How can I be sure I'm getting my money's worth?

Each truck keeps a log of when, where, and for how long they drive each day to meet Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. Those logs will be shared with you to help you track when the trucks are on the road and where they are going.

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